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The first surveyor to land on Coochiemudlo arrived in 1885. He was sent to subdivide the western half of the island into one acre allotments, ready for auction. He’d been instructed that no property boundary could be closer than 30 metres back from the high water mark. And that's why a broad esplanade of public land now encircles the whole island. To this day, Coochiemudlo is Queensland’s only residential island blessed with an 'Emerald Fringe'.


The unique status of the island's Fringe was recognised by the Queensland government in July 2019 when it was declared a Redlands local heritage site.
This Workshop is the next step towards turning that recognition into action.
We need to stop and ask ourselves why the Emerald Fringe is so special. How can we preserve those unique qualities, given the social changes and population shifts that are transforming our way of life? What's the plan?


Our workshop runs from 8.30 to 11.30am. We begin with a presentation by council planning and environment officers to give us a sense of how the Fringe is managed at the moment. We’ll have a Q&A session with them, and then a heritage consultant will help us to focus on the issues we want to raise around the workshop tables.
After morning tea, we’ll form groups tasked with shaping their concerns, and possible solutions, in a way that can be shared with all of us in the hall. Guidance will be offered by our guests, and Society members who drove the heritage listing process.
Finally the groups will report the progress they’ve made, and we’ll seek common ground among those responses to give us a sense of where we can go from here. The Heritage Society believes that doing nothing, is not an option. We hope you agree.

If you'd like to join in on Saturday please click here to send us a message with your name, and the number attending if you're bringing others. We'd love to see you. Coochiemudlo is a small island - we're all in this together!

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