Coochiemudlo Island Heritage Society

Through the collection of local records and artifacts, we identify and preserve Coochiemudlo's cultural and environmental heritage.

We also run informative workshops and seminars to help build a knowledgeable and engaged community.

The Coochiemudlo Island Heritage Society Inc (CIHS) is a vibrant organisation that cares about stewardship of heritage, advocating and educating where necessary and possible, and continuing to be a trusted lead organisation in the Coochiemudlo Island community.
We understand that heritage contributes to our sense of place. Our aim is reflected in our Mission that encompasses indigenous, settler, and environmental heritages, caring for the cultural and environmental resources of today so these resources can continue as received heritage of tomorrow.

Morwong Beach Print Fundraiser

Stunning, professional prints available for purchase, raising funds for Coochiemudlo Island Native Nursery.

Herbarium Prints

The Coochiemudlo Herbarium is a comprehensive collection of the Island's native flora, part of our natural heritage. 

Beautiful digital prints of the pressed flora have been professionally produced by the Coochiemudlo Island Heritage Society. The prints are available to buy.