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The Heritage Society's Submission

 When the Heritage Society exposed this proposal on the island's Facebook page, it provoked strong community opposition to new commercial activities being sanctioned on the two Main Beach sites. If you're a member of that page you can re-visit the reaction. The Society, and 20 other individuals and associations on the island, lodged submissions with the council during the public consultation period.

Coochiemudlo Island is home to 0.5% of the Redland City population - our submissions amounted to 23% of those received by council.

Six months later (June 16 2021) the city council voted unanimously to accept the Land Management Plan. After public consultation it now contained what were described as "a number of minor amendments". Topping the list were "Removal of Coochiemudlo Foreshore West Park from the draft LMP." and amending the "Coochiemudlo Foreshore West Park to allow only one (1) secondary use facilitating the continuation of the existing boat hire business. "

The end result is no change to the status quo on Main Beach, and a complete rejection of any new commercial activity being permitted. It's gratifying to note the frequent references in the dissenting submissions to the conservation status and heritage listing of the Main Beach sites.

Below, you can read the Heritage Society's submission, and an extracted version of the council officers' report which contains those sections relevant to the decision as it affected Coochiemudlo Island. It includes summary responses to each of the 20 submissions lodged by the community.

The RCC officers' report to council

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