Coochiemudlo Island Mangrove Festival Photo Competition
Now open for entries - closes Saturday 9th July.

It's time to grab your camera, come over to Coochiemudlo, and give us your best shot. There are three categories, and you can submit up to four images in each one.


1)    Coochiemudlo's Mangroves  - Images that feature mangrove species on the island. The winner gets 4 nights accomodation at the Holiday Hen House, plus a welcome pack of bubbles and classy snacks.


2)     Island Life - Images of persons, artefacts or places related to Coochiemudlo island. The winner gets 2 nights accomodation (public holidays) at Kingfisher Lodge, plus a welcome pack of bubbles and classy snacks.


3)    Coochiemudlo Nature - Images of indigenous animals, flora, or natural phenomena or places, captured on Coochiemudlo Island. The winner gets 2 weeknights accomodation at Mango Cottage plus a welcome pack of bubbles and classy snacks.

All winners and runners up will receive certificates, and the judges will choose the best runner-up, to receive a voucher from Anderson Camera Repairs for a Sparkle Sensor Clean valued at $199.




 All entries must have been captured, by you, within the last 12 months. You can submit up to four images in each of the competition's three categories:



The entry fee is $5 for each category to which you submit an image or images (up to 4). Please pay the fee by credit card or Paypal account before you submit your files. Use the Paypal portal at the bottom of this page. From the drop-down menu choose the number of categories in which you're entering images.


Images must be submitted as JPEGs, preferably sRGB, and no more than1920 pixels horizontal and 1080 pixels vertical, when viewed in their correct orientation. Any borders should be included within the dimensions.


Each image file must be named so that it begins with its category number, followed by your name, and any title you may wish to add. An Island Life image might be: "2FredaSmith_NightFerry.jpg".
Image names must be a maximum of 30 characters including spaces.

Attach all your images to an email with the subject line "Photo Competition". Enter your Paypal receipt number in the message area. Send the email to If your total attached files exceed 20mb, split your images across two emails.


We hope younger photographers will enter our competition and to that end we are including an under-17 section.  If that's you, ask a parent or guardian to write their permission for you to enter in the message area of your email. The categories and rules are the same as those above, and the prize for each is a $100 voucher from Officeworks. The organising committee reserves the right to request proof of age from entrants.


Good luck! And don't forget to read the fine print below

Conditions of Entry

1.    Entries will be accepted from residents of the Commonwealth of Australia and its Territories.  All images must have been taken by the entrant.  Any manipulation, where permitted must have been made by the photographer.
2.    The greatest care will be taken with entries, but no responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage.
3.    On-line entry is only via email, as described above.
4.    Payment of entry fees is only via the PayPal payment portal (below).
5.    Unless otherwise specified, permission to reproduce entries for publicity purposes will be assumed.
6.    The same or substantially the same image cannot be entered in more than one section of this exhibition regardless of image titles.  Changing the image from colour to black and white does not constitute a new image and will not be accepted for judging.
7.    The decisions of the Redlands Camera Club judges- Pia Jessen, Paul Balfe and Liane Day are final and no correspondence will be entered into.  It is assumed upon receipt of an entry that the entrant accepts these rules and conditions.
8.    Lewd subject matter is unacceptable.
9.    All entries must be the work of the entrant.
10.    A maximum of FOUR ENTRIES may be submitted in each category.

By submitting images you agree to accept without exception or objection the following terms:


1.    To ensure that images comply with the Conditions of Entry, including all relevant definitions, the organisers may ask you to provide original images, with EXIF data intact, by a specified deadline.
2.    If you do not supply the requested image(s) in the specified time, those images will be deemed to be in breach of the Conditions of Entry.
3.    Images that are submitted as requested may be investigated by any means determined appropriate by the organisers to establish if the image(s) comply with the Conditions of Entry.
4.    Images that are deemed by the organisers to breach the Conditions of Entry will be excluded.  Any acceptances or awards allocated to those images will become void.
5.    The organisers may reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication on a webpage relevant to the Mangrove Festival.
6.    The organisers reserve the right to reject any image.
7.    The Judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

All submissions into the competition must be your own work and must not include any third party imagery, graphics or textures. Submitted entries may NOT contain text in any form where it has been added to the picture e.g watermarks, logos, dates, photographer’s name or ANY text added post processing.
By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work as their own (aliases are not permitted).

When you're ready to submit your images choose the number of categories you're entering and 'Pay Now'