Newsletter - June 2021

from Heritage Society President
Jan MacIntyre

The Emerald Fringe Workshop - 8th May

This workshop proved islanders want more say in Coochiemudlo’s future, and any changes imposed on the Emerald Fringe. We also showed we're capable of running consultation workshops that honestly capture the community’s  priorities and wishes.

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We now hope, and expect, that decision makers in Council will respect the validity of the process we’ve begun, and work cooperatively with us to ensure the Emerald Fringe is managed in ways that are consistent with community opinion.

The Heritage Afternoon Tea - 27th March

Walking into the 'tearoom' one was caught up in the 50s by the embroidered cloths, the vases of flowers, the cups and saucers and the music (when we were quiet enough to hear). There were tasty pastries, cocktail sausages, tea and scones, and much else, all skilfully distributed by the attentive wait staff.

Margaret Rolfe Paxton’s pocket history of the Mortons found resonance in the poem performed by Kate Barker (photo). Reverend Paul Bland, our guest and a grandson of the Mortons, was kind enough to move around the tables and share stories.

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The joy of those present was a tribute to the enormous effort of Margaret Rolfe Paxton, Daveen O’Pray, David Paxton and their hard-working team. We thank those who helped with the packing up and the endless washing up. Congratulations and WELL DONE Margaret and all.

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Future highlights


Friday 16th July 2021 a cocktail party will be held to mark Flinders’ Week and continue the 21st Birthday celebrations. There will be more details in later communications. 


Sunday 18th July 2021 will see the Flinders’ re-enactment at Norfolk Beach. Details to follow.


Saturday 31st July 2021 our inaugural Mangrove Festival will be launched by Emeritus Professor John Pearn – you will have seen digital copies of 2 of his books on our website, Chronicles of Coochiemudlo and Characters, Cloves and Cliffs. Dr Norm Duke a mangrove ecologist of 40 years, will deliver the mangrove festival address and will be joined by Coochiemudlo residents, Dr Mark Pillsworth and Ms Toni Cannard for a Q&A session. There will be walks, stories, art displays and much more. More of this event can be found on the Heritage website


Sunday August 22 2021 the AGM will be held.


If you support the work that the Heritage Society does and would like to be further involved, perhaps on the Management Committee or on one of our small groups that organises a specific function, or have skills you know we could use, then please talk to a Committee Member:

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