Plan your day at the Festival

Allow 15 minutes to get from the car parks (in yellow) to the jetty. The ferries leave on the hour, and half-hour. Try the rectangular park, left off Colburn Ave first, as it's opened for temporary parking at weekends.You can also leave your car along Colburn Avenue, or in the area above the jetty. There are stairs from there down to the jetty precinct.


Heritage Society volunteers will be at the jetty precinct on the island to greet arriving visitors from the 8.30 ferry, and thereafter until 11a.m. If you come over by barge, drop in at the jetty too, because you'll need to pick up a wristband.  


If you're coming over later, head for the Community Hall by bus or on foot, and pick up a wristband at the door. The Hall is HQ for the Festival through the day. Free buses for Festival visitors travel between the jetty, the Hall, and Morwong Beach from 9am - 3pm.


To help plan your day here's a mud map and schedule of what's on when, and where.

mud map final.jpg

Coochiemudlo is a small island. You can walk from the passenger ferry jetty straight up the main street to Morwong Beach in an easy 15 minutes. It takes about the same time to walk to the Community Hall. Walking around the western perimeter of the island, between Morwong Beach and the start of Walk #2 takes about 15 minutes. It's less than 5 minutes on foot from there, up to the concrete path, to the Community Hall

At the jetty

8.45am - 11.15am

The Redland City Ukes will be serenading Festival-goers as they arrive off the morning ferries. And be sure to pick up a wristband from a Heritage volunteer.

Self-guided walks

Wear closed in shoes on the walks, bring a hat and carry drinking water with you.


Mangrove Walk #1: Morwong Beach

This walk will be open from 8.30am until 10am when it will be closed by the tide. It reopens at 2.00pm and closes at 3.30pm. To make the early start you may arrive from the mainland before the volunteers are at the jetty. Pick up your wristband after the walk as indicated at the top of the page,

Mangrove Walk #2: Victoria Parade West

You can take this walk starting anytime from 9am until 3.00pm. Leave from the Community Hall. Instructions will be on your route notes.


Boat trips to the mangroves


These depart the Barge Ramp at 11am, 12noon & 1pm. You must have pre-booked and paid for your seat. Please be at the Ramp 10 minutes before departure.

Scheduled events inide the Community Hall
(enter up the switchback ramp)

10.30 am

2022 Mangrove Festival 2022 Official opening by Professor John Pearn, followed by mangrove photography awards


11.00am & 2.00pm

Panel discussion with Q & A "Why Mangroves Matter" with Dr Norm Duke, Ms Toni Cannard, and Dr Mark Pillsworth. NOTE: This panel discussion and Q & A will be repeated at 2.00pm for visitors unable to attend the event in the morning.

Mangrove Festival Raffle draw

9.00am - 3pm (downstairs room)
Exhibition of fine art herbarium prints. Exquisite images of island flora that are available for purchase. More information here. Also raffle tickets on sale to win wonderful prizes hand-made by island artisans.

Around the Hall precinct


9.00am - 3pm
Australian Conservation Foundation. Meet and chat with members of Australia's national environmental movement. A chance to have your say, and get updates on issues that concern you.


Southern Moreton Bay Coastcare volunteers present their Mangrove Watch drone with images and video of its precise surveying of mangroves on the Bay.
Session times: 9.30am,
10.00am, 10.30, 1.30pm, 2.00pm, 2.30pm


12 noon

Lunch time Concert Tidal Moon

Morwong Beach

Sharing Quandamooka Culture and Country with Elisha Kissik


Sessions at: 9.30am, 10.00am, 10.30am, 11.00am, 11.30am

Mangrove Walk #1 (as detailed above)

Art around the jetty precinct

9am - 3pm

Make sure you visit the Artist's Gallery and Alley, next to the Curlew Cafe, and the Ross Street Gallery (@ #9) a short walk away.

Festival Art Trail

You can travel the Art Trail on the Coochie Bus (sign on the front). It's an easy walk if you'd prefer. The Ross Street Gallery is just behind the jetty precinct - #5 on the mud map above.


Then head back to the precinct and and go about 350 metres straight up the main street, to turn right into Shirley Street, which is shown near the top of the mud map above.

Immediately on your right is #1 Shirley Street where visual artist Millie Simic will have her gallery open from 9am until 3pm.

Continue along Shirley Street to #31 where print maker Lianne Counsell will be hosting mini-eco mangrove workshops at 11am, 12am and 1pm. Cost $30

At the end of Shirley Street turn left down the hill, and then left again to walk up James Street, almost to the top.


At #37, on your right, mixed media artist Merrett Keech will be displaying her graphic images from the recent 'Say No' exhibition addressing the Toondah Harbour development proposal.