The 2022 Coochiemudlo Mangrove Festival

was held on Saturday 16th July

Rob Walker Mangrove Life.png

'Mangrove Life' Rob Walker

The Heritage Society wishes to thank sincerely all the visitors, guests, speakers, artists, musicians, and our own wonderful volunteers who made the Festival such a success.

Mangrove Walks

The walks in our mangrove forest are at the heart of our Festival. There are two on offer, and you can do them both in about an hour. This year the route maps are on mobile-friendly webpages. As well as photos and text, there are audio clips so you can spend more time looking at the mangroves as you listen to their story.

Mangroves Afloat SORRY, SOLD OUT

On the midday tide, our two pontoon boats will take visitors around the western edge of the island's mangrove forest. This is a great chance to get to know the pioneering mangrove species that stand out in deeper water and protect shorelines around the world from the increasing threats of wilder weather and rising sea levels.

The boats leave at 11am, 12 midday, and 1pm. There are twenty seats for each sailing, so book as soon as possible. The payment portal is at the bottom of the page. Try a different time if your first choice is sold out.

Mangrove Art
Merrett Keech Sunrise through the mangroves.jpg

'Sunrise through the mangroves' Merrett Keech

Our island has more than its share of talented artists. Two galleries will be open all day, plus an artisan's market at the excellent Curlew Cafe on Main Beach. There will also be an exhibition featuring the Coochiemudlo herbarium in wonderful images created from island flora collected years ago by local bushcarers.

Mangrove Music
Redland City Ukes2.jpg

Barbara Jeffrey and José Garcia are 'Tidal Moon' - makers of evocative music that's like "acoustic ripples upon a sea of imagination". They are widely travelled performers who now call Coochiemudlo home, to the delight of their island audience. Also in our 2022 music mix are the Redland City Ukes, polished players and singers of covers past and present. Expect great harmonies, pro vocals and the urge to singalong.

Mangrove Country

First Australians have been crosssing the water from Minjerribah to Coochiemudlo for millenia. Quandamooka woman Elisha Kissick will come over for the day to tell the creation stories of Moreton Bay - and how the island's flora and fauna were the source of food, textiles, medicine and, of course, the ceremonial red earth pigments that give our island its name. Elisha will have samples of local bush tucker for you to try.

Mangrove Champions

Aerial image courtesy of Tempus Media - Wynnum

Citizen scientists of Coastcare, based on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, closely monitor mangrove health in the bay. They'll be bringing their drone to the Festival to show how technology makes data collection easier and results more accurate. 
We're also thrilled to welcome Dr. Norm Duke and local marine experts to join us for a mangrove Q&A, where you can learn so much about these unique trees.

Mangrove Photography