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If Walls Could Talk

Much has been written on the social history of Coochiemudlo Island, the families and individuals who have left indelible footprints in Coochie’s sands of time, and the flora and fauna that shade and shape the lived experiences of residents and visitors alike.  The following is the start of a small series of tales recounting the origins and events surrounding some of Coochie’s properties, the families who built or lived in them, and tales of past events hopefully with more fact than fiction.  


If Walls Could Talk offers another perspective to this unique and beautiful island that lures dreamers and realists alike to take the road less travelled by joining a vibrant community on an island. The properties featured represent just some of the pioneers and more recent ‘new-comers’ who through building and investing on the island have carved a niche that is part of Coochiemudlo's ongoing story.

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